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Business Insurance Types

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Keyman Insurance is basically a life insurance policy which covers a key employee within a business. In a small business this maybe the owner and his/her team of directors, these are the people who are crucial in making the business work. A Keyman Insurance policy will pay out upon the death of a key employee.

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Partnership Insurance allows a business to continue to operate in the unfortunate event that a partner is dismembered or passes away. If one partner passes away, the other remaining partner or partners can use the insurance payout from the Partnership policy, to buy out the deceased partners share of the business.

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Shareholder Insurance allows the company the shareholders own to purchase the shares back from a deceased shareholder, rather than the remaining shareholders purchasing the shares. As the business itself pays for the policy and not the shareholders, any premiums paid out will be paid to the company itself.

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Relevant Life Cover is an insurance policy available to employers to provide a death-in-service benefit to their employees. The company sets up the policy and pays all the premiums, which will pay out a tax-free cash lump sum if the employee passes away whilst employed during the length of the policy term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A business should consider a Keyman Insurance policy, if the company would be dramatically impacted if one or more of its key employees was unable to work or passes away. Therefore, most small businesses need this valuable cover as they usually depend heavily on one or two key personnel.
Keyman insurance policies start from just £7.60 per month*, however quotes are tailored to your lifestyle and prices will vary depending on individual circumstances.
Partnership Insurance and Shareholder Insurance gives the shareholders of a company, or the partners of a partnership, the ability to buy a deceased or seriously ill co-owner’s share of the business from them. Both policies ensure that control of the company remains with the surviving owners, rather than losing the business to someone who is unwilling or unable to run it.
Relevant Life Cover is a tax-efficient Life Insurance policy, which allows companies to offer a death-in-service benefit to its employees. The company pays the premiums on the policy, which pays out to the family or the dependents of the deceased employee.